Until recently, the study of Catalan literature of the early modern age had been rather neglected by historians of Catalan literature. Philological and historiographical activity had traditionally prioritized the study of the Middle Ages, whereas the critics had been focusing mainly in the contemporary era. Thus, the early modern era –the centuries of Renaissance, Baroque and Enlightenment– became the most unknown period of the Catalan literary history, due to aesthetic, historiography and political prejudices, and most of the texts of these centuries remain ignored, poorly edited or unedited.

It is high time to take a critical eye onto this era, free from bias, and continue the line started scarcely thirty years in the Catalan university to retrieve, edit and study, id est, spreading the Catalan literary legacy of the early modern era, both between in the Catalan-speaking countries and abroad, through international conferences and foreign publications.

* * *

NISE brings together members of the research group UdG, researchers of early modern literature, members of the research of ILCC and external collaborators in several ongoing projects. This page contains information about the research and transfer of the group, researchers’ teacher training and a digital library including full-text publications of the group, as well as literary texts of the modern era. Also a database inventory of the Catalan Baroque poetry manuscripts can be consulted here.