Digital Library

Nise library is a repository of digital texts structured in two parts:

  • In the "Studies" section you may find articles published by the members of our research team. All these articles can be downloaded in pdf format or you may access through the given link.
  • In the "Author" section is a list of all the Catalan language writers of early modern times that may be found on the internet. Most of these texts have been published by Nise researchers and are published in our website. These are presented in critical edition, that means, accompanied by philological data which explain how the fixing and editing of text was achieved, as well as an apparatus of notes which facilitates the understanding of the text. In cases where the text is accessible within another web environment, outside our website, the link to the page where it can be read is also provided.

Currently, Nise’s digital library is still under development. Completion is expected by the end of 2016.