The research group in Catalan Literature of the Early Modern Age Institute of Language and Culture aims to:

  • exhume unkown texts
  • edit the most important literary works of the period
  • publish introductory guides and bibliographical directories
  • write comprehensive interpretative synthesis
  • study Catalan literature’s contact with other literatures
  • expose the vicissitudes of its reception in the whole territory

All this must be materialised in the next few year, in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions, in the establishment of a set of essential tools for the rigorous study on our early modern literature:

  • a repertoire of manuscript containing theater works.
  • a repertoire of baroque poetry manuscripts and printed songbooks.
  • a bio-bibliographic repertoire of poetry of the 15000.
  • a bibliographical repertoire of editions and studies on modern Catalan literature (and medieval history and language) constantly updated (Qüern).
  • a collection of texts edited with all philological rigor.
  • anthologies of texts for academic studies.
  • university textbooks on the subject of study.
  • a collection of critical guidelines complemented by the state of the state of the questions, prepared by specialists (Panorama critic of Catalan literature