About this Database

The database Nise was made, in the first phase, thanks to the project HUM2006-08326 / FILO of the Research Department of the Ministry of Education and Science (Inventario general de la poesía catalana del barroco en cancioneros manuscritos), coordinated by Pep Valsalobre and based on extended data provided by professor Albert Rossich.


The aim of the database is to collect an supply the necessary information for easy location of poetic compositions scattered within numerous manuscripts, in order to make it available to the scientific community and thus lay the foundation for future projects, including text editing and othe research. In the case of works of Francesc Vicent Garcia and Francesc Fontanella, printed texts are also included as testimonies, given their interest for critial edition.


In this first phase (2007-2009) data were collected regarding poems by authors belonging to the Principality of Catalonia and Roussillon until 1750. On further stages baroque authors from Valencia and the Balearic Islands are to be to collected.


Search can be made by author, first verse (any word or fragment of a word or set of words in a row, although apostrophes must be avoided) between documentary and manuscript and metric form.