Qüern is a bibliographical bulletin on Catalan language and literature of ancient XII to XVIII centuries (in fact, until the mid-nineteenth century). 

Since 1993, it collects all the bibliographcal references of books (studies and editions of texts) and articles published worldwide in publications of any kind, preferably scientific but also informative, about matters literature and history of the Catalan language to the first half of the nineteenth century (romanticism excluded), without forgetting the humanistic literature of the Crown of Aragon.


In addition to these matters, Qüern also includes references to studies of cultural context necessary to understand the literature and language of our past history, like the history of books, printing and reading the story of education (letters and sciences), etc.


Among other specific matters, it is to be mentioned the names and anthroponymy history, oral literature, codicology, textual criticism, the memoirs (diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, travel books ...), collected letters, contemporary literary historiography and linguistics, lexicography, old newspapers, etc.


It is the only existing publication (in the present and in the past) of its kind in the world, i.e., updated joint bibliography aboit history of literature and Catalan ancient language.