On the critical edition of the complete poems by Francesc Fontanella

From this page you can access the electronic critical edition of the complete poetry of Francesc Fontanella. This edition is one of the results of the research project "Obra poética de Francesc Fontanella (1622-1683 / 1685)” (FFI2012-37140 / FILO), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, in which thirteen researchers of seven different universities have taken part.


The texts published here were obtained from the critical comparison of all available manuscripts. They have been punctuated according to the present catalan rules, and its spelling has beenn regularized in accordance with the present existint criteria for editiong classics of the early modern age. These criteriar are those set by Albert Rossich at Poesía catalana del barroc. Antologia. (Vitel·la, 2006).


The resulting publication fixes the text, indicates the base manuscript in each case, points out text variations between different manuscripts, explains the reading problems and justifies why, in some cases, text has been taken from manuscripts other than the base one. It also includes explanatory comments in those passages which are considered to be more difficult to understand. To choose which information you want to be shown, please pass the cursor over the colored squares on the right margin of the text. You can enable or disable the display using the menu boxes at the top right of the screen. From this location you can return to the list of compositions published by Fontanella and to the list of other authors of our library.


At the end of each text, drop-down menu provides some additional information that may be of interest to the reader. First, a short prose in which the sense of the composition is explained. Next is a description of the metrics of the poem and a complete list of manuscripts that contain it. You will also find a justification for the choice of the base manuscript, as well as a list of headings that head each poem in each of the manuscripts. Also, previous editions (if any) are listed, as well as literature and audiovisual materials dealing with text. At the end of each composition you will find icons that allow sharing on social networks.


To access the texts click the link below:

 The complet poems by Francesc Fontanella